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Customer Stories

Where we have made the difference

  • Sony’s CSR implements their projects through 3 companies and 14 implementation partners.

  • They are faced with the challenge of -small CSR team in charge of managing multiple partners

  • The second challenge they are faced with is poor understanding ratio of spent/unspent amount in real time

  • Provides quick on-boarding of all of Sony’s 14 partners

  • Enabling real time project monitoring of timelines, budgets & beneficiaries

  • Providing Sony a clear picture of CSR obligation, spent and unspent amount in real time so that they can take timely action

  • JSW Foundation manages funds of 10 JSW companies + 14 NGOs that implement varied projects in multiple locations

  • This complexity created various challenges for the foundation in fund allocation, tracking project timelines, budgeting and most importantly beneficiary targets

  • Bringing JSW’s Foundation’s 20+ Companies under a single digital umbrella

  • Provide real time and consolidated view of projects, timelines, budgets and beneficiary details

  • Streamlining operations and efficiency by integrating with JSW’s SAP platform SynergyCSR

Synergy Works

Synergy LMS




  • CIF has complex operations model which consist of multiple –programs, projects, locations, partners and donors

  • This complexity is currently managed by a patchwork of information systems

  • Leading to inefficient operations, untimely reporting & decision-making and increased admin overheads

  • Provides consolidation of all operations under a single digital umbrella

  • Provide real time and consolidated view of projects, timelines, budgets and beneficiary details for easy and timely decisions

  • Automates reporting obligations

  • KherwadiSocial Welfare Association (KESWA) runs skills development program in 4 diff. formats, across 16 states, & 700+ locations.

  • The complexity of their operations makes it difficult for the management to understand and efficiently manage project parameters & expenses, especially at the ground level

  • Meticulous mapping of their skill development process flow helped KSWA to view information in real time through dashboards & reports

  • Workflow based voucher and requisition mgt. system helped them to keep track of the expenses of ground level employees and volunteers over 700+ locations


  • Their dedicated fund-raising team of 15+ people is in charge of raising funds through multiple sources

  • They were looking to streamline the mgt. of their diversified fundraising portfolio by engaging various donors from initial interest to making the payment & beyond

  • Our donor dashboards helped them to drive their multiple donor-strategy by making it a data driven one. It significantly improved fund collection & helped manage cash flow.

  • A centralized Donor repository with interaction history helped them to improve their tracking, reducing lead conversion and prospect closure time.

  • Centralized documentation of all contracts along with approval status streamlined the MOU status tracking

  • Automated report scheduling helped eliminate the headache of sending multiple reports to multiple donors at different schedules

I must appreciate that the knowledge and patience level you guys have, to develop something specific to the need of Implementing NGOs.
The application is helping our teams a lot internally. It has improved the visibility and speed up the decision making process for us.

Amit Gupta, CFO SwadesFoundation,

Director of M&E


  • BNHS wanted a platform to visualize the ecological scenario of the coastal areas.

  • But the large volumes of data was owned by diff. stakeholders from 16 diff. locations & sources

  • They were looking at accessing ways to view the data in diff. ways

  • More than 2GB of data was curated & represented as per the required hierarchy

  • GPS polygon mapping was done to get the exact distances and Lat-Long coordinates for accurate mapping of diff. species and Marine ecology

  • Dashboards related to various species were created for diff. marine-related organizations.



  • The Revenue Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra was spending lot of time & money in collecting and maintaining the land holdings and crop condition data of the farmers.

  • Even with these efforts the data was inaccurate, patchy

  • This affected the State Govt’s ability to disburse the right benefits to the land-holders

  • E-Peek-Pahaniis a mobile based app. That enabled the farmers to upload their official land records & then periodically report their crop conditions based on their land holdings

  • This enabled the Govt. to get accurate, GPS-driven data on the land holdings and the crop conditions enabling them to disburse the right benefits to them

  • Our involvement in the project included developing the digital platform and the app, promoting digital literacy amongst the farmers, & creating useful dashboards for the Govt.

  • It has also enabled the Govt. to make informed decisions on insurance, benefits, credit, etc.

  • It is being currently used by 1 Crore plus farmers


  • Crisil Foundation’s began an initiative to empower socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society by strengthening their financial capabilities

  • They were looking to reach out to more than a 1 lakh women, in 6 districts in Assam, over 3 years.

  • Current system of behavior change was tedious, time taking & resource consuming

  • Our application helped them in

  • Real-time monitoring, hence informed decision-making

  • Better data reliability, hence accurate analytics

  • Improved staff performance, reduce mistakes, increased speed & focused counselling

  • Cost saving on operational & logistics cost

  • Capacity building of staff, achieving scale in less time